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Regular CDJR Battery Maintenance

Your battery is one of the most important components in your vehicle, and our OEM parts center is your source for Genuine MOPAR Batteries. Working with our trusted service team will ensure that your battery always has what it takes to perform its three most important duties:

  • Providing electrical power to your starter and fuel system as you go to start your vehicle
  • Supplying electricity when the engine is off to power onboard electronics such as the door locks, entry lighting and the security system
  • While the engine is running, your battery cushions sensitive onboard electronics from spikes in current or voltage

What Does Battery Replacement Entail?

If you’ve noticed issues with any of these systems, it may be time to schedule a battery replacement! While you might feel comfortable picking up a new MOPAR battery from our parts department and taking care of the job yourself, working with these high-powered components can be dangerous and many find that the task is best left to professionals. If this is the case, you can schedule your battery replacement at Salt Lake Valley CDJR today!

If you do attempt to undertake battery replacement at home, be sure to work carefully with safety glasses, electricity-safe gloves and a respirator (especially if you’re in an enclosed space). Also remember to remove all metal from your person before beginning battery replacement. You’ll need to disconnect the terminals in the proper order while ensuring that they never touch, and install the new battery safely and securely in its place. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced service team of professionals.

How to tell when it’s time to replace a car battery?

Typically, car owners can get roughly four or five years before replacing it. One way you can tell is when the engine takes longer to turn over. In the winter, cars take longer to turn over if they’ve been sitting in the cold. But if the weather is warm or your vehicle was recently turned off, and it still takes a bit longer to turn the engine over, it’s most likely due to low battery power. If you notice any of these signs, you should bring your car to a trusted service center like the one here at Salt Lake Valley CDJR to have your battery checked and replaced if necessary.

Why We Replace Batteries

Car batteries are rechargeable, but over time the battery’s capacity for taking a recharge can diminish, making it unable to recharge from the alternator. This makes the battery unreliable, and any small power drain can reduce the charge in the battery to less than it needs to start the car. An old battery can leave you stranded any time you park, so it’s easier just to get it replaced and not worry.

Failing Battery Warning Signs

Luckily, your car’s battery will give off warning signs before it completely fails. These signals include:
* Your vehicle takes longer to start

* Your check engine light comes on

* Your battery fluid level drops

* Your battery gives off a strange smell
* Your battery case gets bigger
* Your battery is over four years old

What to do when your car battery fails?

Batteries can go bad suddenly, but there are warning signs that you could notice. One way is to watch your dashboard for signs. If the car is harder to start than normal or keeps going dead, that may mean the battery is going dead. In a worst-case scenario, you could find yourself stranded with a car that will not start. At the first sign of trouble, bring your car to us and let us give it a complimentary multi-point inspection, as well as checking out your battery and electrical system. Batteries come with what amounts to an expiration date, and if your battery is beyond that date, it might be a good idea to replace it even if it is working.

Come See Us in Salt Lake City, UT

Give Salt Lake Valley Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Salt Lake City, UT a call today to get your battery checked, or for any other maintenance need. Relax in our comfortable waiting area and enjoy our complimentary coffee and beverage bar while our certified technicians check out your car. Don’t take a chance on getting stranded, bring your car in for an inspection today.

Why Schedule Battery Replacement at Salt Lake Valley CDJR?

Value and Trust

Our dealership strives to offer the same things that people chose their CDJR vehicle for including reliability, dependability and value. Both the Parts Department and Service Department at Salt Lake Valley CDJR is committed to earning your loyalty every time you visit, and helping you prolong the life of your car or SUV. MOPAR parts are the only parts that you should trust with your vehicle, because they’re the only parts guaranteed to fit perfectly alongside the other components in your vehicle. If you try to save money with an aftermarket substitute, chances are you won’t enjoy the same lasting value as you would get from a Genuine MOPAR battery.

Certified CDJR Service Professionals

Our Parts and Service personnel are trained professionals that continually provide leading-edge customer service. Factor in their up-to-date technical resources, specialized processes and manufacturer-specific tools created for your exact model and year, and you’ve got the right team that can help make maintaining your vehicle equally as satisfying as owning it.

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